You are in great hands.


Mark Lefkowitz is a self-taught entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in real estate. He has teamed up with Marshall Thurber to bring the Lemonade Game to new heights. Through his adventures, he has learned far more than what schools can teach and now he travels around America and the world passing on his experiences in the same way he experienced them: in a fun and creative way.


Marshall Thurber is an attorney, real estate developer, businessman, educator, editor, scholar, inventor, negotiator, author, visionary and public speaker. He wrote the original Lemonade Game in the 1970's. He learned from Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller about the contextual principles of the human potential movement.  His teaching is known for being powerfully effective, fun, memorable and leading edge by using  Superlearning Technologies, simulations, music and graphics.