What if you could Learn at least three semesters of accounting in a fun and easy manner in just two days?

Accounting is fun, easy & creative!

A Super Learning Experience with Marshall Thurber and Mark Lefkowitz 

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• What is the Lemonade Game?

It is a Learning Experience created to teach accounting in a Fun, Easy, and Creative way. The Lemonade Game can teach financial mastery in a matter of days not years.

• How do I play the game?

Seminars and webinars facilitated by Mark Lefkowitz, co-creator of the Lemonade Game, are available. If interested please Contact us for more details.

• Is this available on the web or a mobile device?

The Game is being adapted for web and tablets, and will be an essential tool of the Learning Experience facilitated by Mark Lefkowitz.

• Can anyone play the game?

Anyone can register for a Learning Experience seminar and play the game with Mark. He has had students from 6 years old all the way up, no previous accounting knowledge is required.

• How long does it take to complete the game?

The Learning Experience is 3 days long. Please Contact us for details.


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